about robbie

Robbie Crawford is a digital artist based out of Huntington Beach California. In recent years Robbie is most known for the key role he played in legitimizing the GoPro action camera as a tool for creating content for use in professional media environments with imagery appearing in media sources ranging from Discovery Channel to Thrasher Skateboard Magazine. Through his success and social presence he has influenced countless others into adventure photography utilizing the GoPro Camera and beyond. It was Robbie’s background as a top professional wave rider working with theĀ upper echelon of surf photographers combined with his over 15 years of experience as a digital media expert that he attributes the his success to. Robbie’s plan for the future is to continue pushing the boundaries of digital art by by aligning with the forward thinking brands who are evolving the technologies that empower the greatest in multi media.

Robbie has had the pleasure of working with the following brands: GoPro, Old Navy, Harley Davidson, Hurley, FIAT, Aqua Hydrate, Metanoia Films, Levels Audio, Studio City, Guys&Dolls, Lure, A Rare World, Yo Ma Ma, AC Martin, TSMR Residential, Harbour Realty, Mint Lifestyle, Calvin Rucker, Osiris, Bonzai Bowls, Sessions, WSL, JammyPack, Mann’s Chinese Theater, Sorum Noce, LottoGopher, Rampant Films, 24k Films, Ridiculousness, Right this minute