Under the bridge

Ricky Moseley wall ride to euro-table

Peaking around the corner

Catching a glimpse of Jamie O'Brien as he passes by.

Arms Wide Open

Shot this photo of Mike "Hucker" Clark with a GoPro attached to a 20 foot tall piece of PVC firing the camera remotely.

Tail High

Kolohe Andino's progressive approach at a fickle break in North Orange County.

Shore Break Dance

Punker Pat standing pretty inside a shorebreak cave.

Another World

While rules like straight horizon lines can be good to follow never let them overrule what pleases your eye. In wide angle photography the horizon line bends unless it's centered within the image. While this rule can be great for a well balanced image a bent horizone line can offer a perspective that's fresh and unique. For example this image where the bending horizone line mixed with the curve of the wave creates the illusion of looking at a planet from space.

Sewa Kroetkov | Venice Beach

In photography I'm always looking for a uniquely artistic perspective. For this shot I found a small hole in a structure pointing towards the manual pad and stuck the camera inside creating a unique composition .  

Cody McEntire | Kickflip San Pedro

When I took this shot of Cody it was low light because of the shadowed area of the obstacle. So I turned ISO down to 100 and EV Comp to -1 as I've found this technique limits having a blurry subject when shooting action in low light. Settings - 30/1 Sec Burst | ISO: 100 | EV Comp -1 | GoPro Color | WB: Auto | Low Light: Off | Spot Meter: Off | Sharpness: Low

Blue Dream

This image was taken at the "Dirty Ol' Wedge". It got that nickname because the amount of sand the wave sucks off the bottom when it breaks often making the waves brown. This particular photo was taken on a day that had the clearest water I've ever seen at the spot. The water was so clear that the water almost looks electric in some of the images.

Extracting a frame from a GoPro video using GoPro Studio

A tutorial on using GoPro Studio to pull a full size frame grab out of a GoPro video. This is my first time talking into my computer doing a tutorial so be nice = ) also if there's anywhere I go too fast or am not explaining clearly enough please give me input so I can do better. Thanks for watching!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHrpgEsQWFU

Using GoPro Studio to put the Hero4 Black’s 1080p at 120fps in slowmotion for Instagram.

In this tutorial you'll see an example of the GoPro Hero4 Blacks 1080p at 120fps video and how to import a single wave clip shot at that setting into GoPro Studio and slow it down to 15% in order for it to fill up Instagram's 15 second time frame. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rs1uFPc5zk